Julia Taylor’s career spans many years at non-profits, where she has been a role-model, a change-agent and a trailblazer.

During her tenure at the YWCA, she managed a $40 million-dollar budget, and was a leading advocate of women’s equality and had a huge impact on the lives of many, many women – a large majority of them from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In 2002, when she was named as the first female president of the Greater Milwaukee Committee—whose membership was almost all male—she set the tone for change; change within the very highest corporate and civic ranks. She has transformed the GMC into the important catalyst for social and civic change that is has become today.

Julia was the first woman elected to the Board of Directors of St. Francis Bank in 1996, and she was inducted into the 40 Under 40 Hall of Fame in 2017.

She has served on many non-profit boards and has been named to such prestigious groups as the Governor’s Glass Ceiling Commission and the Governor’s Work Force Investment Board. As a talented water color artist, Julia generously donates her art to raise money for non-profit groups.