Throughout September and early October, several members of BMO’s leadership team took part in a takeover day – part of Plan International Canada’s International Day of the Girl activities – to amplify girls’ voices, advocate for their rights, elevate their position in society and reinforce their capability as decision-makers.

Seven of our senior executives – Darryl White, Cam Fowler, Joanna Rotenberg, Patrick Cronin, Christine Cooper, Nadim Hirji and Darrel Hackett stepped down from their positions to allow a girl ambassador from Plan International to take on their role for the day.

From the girls’ perspective

Let’s hear from the girls. What was it like? How did it go? We’re turning it over to the seven girls who took over a leadership role for the day and get to know more about them. Hear from Ravicha below and check back for insights from the other girls in the upcoming weeks!

Get to know Ravicha

Program/area of study: I’m currently at the University of Waterloo in the Science and Business Program with a minor in Economics.

Passions/interest outside of school: I’m passionate about empowering girls and women within STEM, business and politics. I think they are fields that need more representation and I want to do my part in helping to change that. I’m also a strong advocate for global health and supporting health care programs around the world.

Took over for: Darryl White, Chief Executive Officer, BMO Financial Group, September 13, 2018.

What you were most looking forward to in your role? I was really looking forward to learning more about what a leadership position looks like in finance and really getting a unique view of all the little things a CEO has to manage that aren’t really brought to light. I was also really looking forward to stepping into a role within business to see if it was something I would be interested in pursuing in the future.

What surprised you the most about the day? I was really surprised about the culture within BMO. From the front facing staff all the way to the executive team it was evident that everyone is just so open to supporting and empowering one another to make an impact.

Advice you have for other girls from this experience: Be confident and don’t underestimate yourself. There are so many opportunities out there just waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to take the first step in showing the whole world just how amazing you are.

Ravicha played a key role in International Day of the Girl on October 11, spending the morning with Plan International Canada Global Ambassador Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, accompanying her for media interviews in Toronto (watch the CTV interview), and also taking over Sophie’s Instagram account for the day.

Ravicha was also the 2018 recipient of Nahom Berhane Scholarship for Leadership and Inclusion. The scholarship, developed in collaboration between BMO and Access Alliance, was created to commemorate the life and legacy of Nahom Berhane. It provides assistance to youth with a proven track record of volunteerism, community service and leadership in the community, who are in need of financial support to attend a post-secondary institution.