Their stories inspire us, their work changes us, and their journey started just around the corner. Meet the empowered, successful women in your own backyard and join us in celebrating women near you, wherever you are.


Meet Carrie Kerskie, Women Who Lead Honoree.

A pioneer and nationally recognized expert in identity theft and privacy, Carrie and Griffon Force provide services for victims of identity theft, fraud and cyber threats. She published a book, Your Public Identity, Because Nothing is Private Anymore, and continues to give free public seminars to educate the community about identity theft and cybersecurity


Meet Eileen Connolly-Keesler, Women Who Serve Honoree.

Eileen and her team leverage their local expertise to oversee more than 700 funds and manage $218 million in assets. Between July 2017 and June 2018, the Foundation distributed more than $18.1 million to non-profit organizations and community programs. Eileen is also dedicated to empowering women and girls through her involvement with the Women’s Foundation of Collier County.


Meet Julia Broglie, Women Who Inspire Honoree.

BroglieBox is the first-ever quarterly subscription box designed to help people suffering with mental health issues. Inspired by personal and a family member’s experience with mental health issues, Julia created BroglieBox to deliver customized gift items, information and resources to enhance the recipient’s mental health and wellness.


Celebrating women near you. Wherever you are.