When COVID-19 measures hit in the middle of March 2020, businesses had to make decisions in days, or even hours, that they would normally make in months or years. Continuing in a special Bold(h)er series on women innovating in the wake of the pandemic, Lisa is joined by Group Head of BMO Wealth Management Joanna Rotenberg to discuss what true leadership looks like when the world’s turned upside down.

In their discussion, they share what it means to serve others in a crisis, unique struggles (and silver linings) of working from home, and the paramount importance of leadership emphasizing health: the health of clients, employees, and yourself.


About the show:
Brought to you by BMO for Women and hosted by journalist and award-winning entrepreneur Lisa Bragg, Bold(h)er delivers thought-provoking conversations that inspire listeners to make their own bold moves in business and in life.