She’s an Established Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur, scientist and engineer, she enjoys working at the interface of business, technology and biology to deliver improved therapies to patients.


She’s a Passionate Philanthropist

Ms. Hayles is the founder and CEO of Black Moms Connection, a global online village and incorporated non-profit providing culturally relevant tools and resources to empower and educate Black mothers.


She’s a Corporate Leader

Julia Taylor’s career spans many years at non-profits, where she has been a role-model, a change-agent and a trailblazer.


Featured Resources

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Bold & Black: Kimberlee West

Bold & Black: Kimberlee West

Name: Kimberlee West Business: Kids Swag Industry: Retail/Children’s Goods   Tanya: Let's get right to business: what was your path/journey to entrepreneurship? Kimberlee: Oh, that's a good question. I don't think people have asked me that. I would say that the...

Bold & Black: Marina Phillips

Bold & Black: Marina Phillips

Name: Marina Phillips Business: Bébé Station™️/Station Bébé™️ Industry: Parental Services/Health & Wellness   Tanya: Ok Miss Marina Phillips - tell me about your path to entrepreneurship. Marina: Gosh, you came out the gates hard. Path to entrepreneurship? I...

Bold & Black: Vivian Kaye

Bold & Black: Vivian Kaye

Name: Vivian Kaye Business: KinkyCurlyYaki Industry: Hair/Beauty   Tanya: Because your time is money, let’s get going. So, what was your journey to entrepreneurship? Vivian: Well, it wasn’t a straight one that’s for sure. I wasn’t surrounded by entrepreneurs. But...